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Johanna Faber – Personal podcast: For the first time in my life, I could look inside myself and search for a reason why nothing could make me happy. This was when I moved to Sweden and built a life which I ever had dreamed of. At least on the outside. Inside of me, it was different. First, when I was as far as ever away from where I came from, I could open up to my inner world. I started to see old wounds and pain, an exhausted body and mind. But I couldn´t stop to do what I always did: work and be on the run. My eating disorder got worse and worse, anxiety and depression screamed to me that I have to stop. When I didn´t, I needed to get burned out. I needed it to see what went on and to see that my body and my soul deserved to be seen and respected. In this episode, I´m talking about my mental breakdown and my way out of it. Why I´m thankful for everything and how I treat myself today. If we want to heal, we have to feel the pain. There´s no other way out.

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About personal podcast: In the personal podcasts, the guest shares his own experiences from his exhaustion journey. The personal podcasts are part of the Straight into the wall concept sharing podcasts. In our sharing podcasts, the guest shares his perspective on his own in monologue form.

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